Fantastic Four’s Introduction to the MCU

Erik Sternberger
Mar 20, 2019 · 1 min read
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The Fantastic Four are adventures. They are a family of Indiana Joneses, it’s just what they discover and dig up is the Future and not the Past. With that in mind, a few years back, I decided to deconstruct them a little and show why they are the best and why Doom is the scariest mother (shut your mouth) in the Marvel Universe. I changed up a few things from the comics. (It’s mostly set in Hong Kong as a base and Sue and Johnny would be played by Asian actors.) And, yes I wrote this reboot being in the Marvel Universe, so today, the day Disney now owns the Fantastic Four outright, I present the first act (plus one key scene and tag) of the first movie—of the trilogy—Disney will never let me make. :)

Fantastic Four: The Reboot!
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