You ever write something that you know has no idea of ever happening?
Okay, so maybe everything I write on here follows that pattern, but stay with me. Just for fun I decided to take comments I said on a podcast or two about what I would love to see in Star Wars Episode 9 and decided to write up the first 12 pages. I hope you like it.

My idea is that “A New Order” isn’t about The First Order, but it’s about a new way of looking at The Force. The Rebels are on the attack big time in this trying to save the children and stop the First Order, but near the end of Act 2, they realize that they can wipe out the future of the First Order by destroying the planet they’re all on, completely reversing A New Hope’s set-up, but after a vigorous debate/fight they decide that they can’t. They have to do it the hard way. Mon Mothma would sacrifice herself as a diversion to get people planet side, so there could be a space/ground battle that leads to the destruction of The First Order.

It would end with Rey and Kylo taking all the kids to save them after Rey recruits Kylo to join HER this time, because in her studies she has seen the endless cycle of Sith vs Jedi in every galactic conquest, and it would be best to just take them both off of the board for good.

On a planet that would come up earlier that is always half in darkness and half in the sun. (Possibly tied to Mortis from Rebels.) They would raise a new order of Force Users who would learn both sides of the Force and no longer be tied to Jedi or Sith. Therefore. Luke would have actually brought balance to the Force as the fulcrum point since he raised both the teacher of the light and the teacher of the dark. The issue was always in the absolutes. The prophecy was never in balance to the Force in the galaxy, but the balance in the soul.

So, while script starts out a bit “traditional” it ends continuing the recognition and subversion of moving in circles that The Last Jedi set up.

Comedy writer, screenwriter and improvisor that always listens to the Star Wars soundtrack when driving in a snow storm. All work linked at

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