#6 - Never let equipment hinder you

If you want to become good at something, whether that may be cooking, web development or playing soccer. And you’re serious about it. Get yourself gear that helps you achieve you goals.

I can’t imagine a chef working with dull knifes, or a pro golf player using a second hand set. Why? Simply because they wouldn’t be able to perform at their highest level with that kind of equipment.

In my case as a developer I need a computer which can handle several processes at once and support at least two screens for keeping both my IDE and web browser open at the same time. This is what works for me and my workflow.

Sometimes however you’re forced to work under circumstances which you can’t control. Maybe you’re consulting somewhere, where for some reason you can’t use your personal computer, or your extra monitor breaks. That leads to unnecessary frustration. And frustration makes you everyday life hard. You should never settle for something which you know may prevent you from delivering at 100% capacity.

One of the laws of physics says that objects take the path of least resistance. Image yourself as the object, and the path is the project you’re working on. You can’t change that path, what you must do is instead make the resistance of that path the least possible.

Now there is a limit to everything (certainly in my skills in development). And I’m not suggesting a setup of several 4k screens will make you code like a pro over night, have some common sense you silly gooses. However I know for sure that I work best when I have a computer which wont freeze every now and then, a larger monitor to complement my 13" laptop screen, and an external set of keyboard and mouse.

As long as I got that, its all up to me to deliver.

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