The Rise Retreat

Erik Torenberg
Jul 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Two years ago, a group of us launched the Rise Awards — a way to recognize people who aren’t recognized everyday — employees.

After some conversations with the “winners”, we realized that they’d prefer valuable community & networks that they could tap into as they seek to grow in their career rather than some fancy awards construct.

So instead of a title or an award series, we took a different direction — we teamed up with Breaking Into Startups (Ruben Harris, Timur Meyster, Artur Meyster) as well as Jenny Kaehms & Evan Stites-Clayton and invited two groups of 50 people to Tahoe earlier this year. The groups — a mix of engineers, product folks, investors, and others — came together to have conversations that were more personal & vulnerable than your standard conference, but also more thoughtful & structured than a normal social gathering. The trips were unconference style — (small group discussions on user generated topics) — and there was no alcohol, which led to a different vibe. On the second trip we opened it up for founders as well, because they also crave this type of community.

We’re doing another trip October 18–21. If you’d like to apply to attend, please fill this out:

Here are some photos and here are two videos from the respective trips:

Co-founder & Partner, @Villageglobal, @ondeckdaily,

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