Dreaming of the perfect usability lab
Miles Hunter

This reads more like the perfect user experience research lab, not usability lab. A usability lab just has devices for anyone to come in and try.

A user research lab is much more and what you are talking about, at least from my experience. There is no mention of software used, the interaction between observers in one room and the interviewer and user in another to get last min questions in post session(can be extremely cumbersome if not done correctly), ability to note take, assigning roles (note taker, question delegator, etc, usually self assimilated but sometimes not), knowing who to have in the room, how to prepare, too much vs too little. I like the idea of de-branding a lot, I wish we did that more, we focus so intently on the brand as it’s how folks identify with the products, and experiences they reference, which they would be unable to disassociate with, but there is something in this that is pure I would love to be able to reach. Would love to hear more specifics on this topic.

Anyone building a space out, go rent a space first, then ad hoc one of your own with internal folks, and if possible sit in on others doing this. Research is critical to decision making, gathering research wants to be seamless and flexible.