Downtown Flint, shot by Erik Veenhuis

My city, my family, and my friends have all been affected by the Flint Water Crisis. A man made crisis that has poisoned the city’s water supply and caused irreversible harm. Governor Snyder, you’ve effectively changed the lives of thousands for the worse. You’ve practiced capitalistic genocide in an American city and still the outrage and compassion escapes you and many others.

With that said, I must say that all elected officials who represent Flint in all levels of government are responsible. From the Mayor and City Council of Flint at the time, our members of congress in the Michigan House & Senate, as well as our federally elected leaders. Your number one job is to be the voice of the people and you failed, miserably! You were either involved with enacting the plan, the cover up and subsequent PR spin, or you were silent as thousands screamed, reports were shown (as far back as 2012), and the pleas were ignored until it became politically advantageous for you to finally speak up. Being on your moral high horse now that the national media has caught on to the story doesn’t make you a leader, it makes you a coward! Whatever lies you have to tell yourself at night that lets you sleep, I hope they work. Your legacy lies with Snyder and those responsible.

Many on the outside are also now coming out of the woodwork to come to the aid of Flint. Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, and others; parasites who latch on only when it serves their agenda and fuels their narcissism. You are not leaders. You do not speak for anyone but yourselves, despite those who have bought into your brand of bull shit! I especially point the finger at Michael Moore. If you cared anything about the city and community you’ve done nothing for in all your years of “activism”, you would have taken up this cause in 2014 or earlier when this plan was hatched, but you waited, until only after this became a national story. Then we saw you on Maddow and All In… once again popping up just like the cursed penny you are. Some may look to you as some progressive hero and a man for the people, I see you for who you really are Mr. Moore. A parasite. A man who has used the City of Flint time and time again to fuel his narcissism. Just look no further to the lies he and his followers are posting now. That he was responsible for President Obama taking notice and sending money. A true activist would never boast like that, especially when it is so categorically false.

We spend a lot of time talking about terrorism in this country. Well take a good look. While Republican Presidential Candidates speak of ISIS and fears of an attack, their party is practicing domestic terrorism on an American city and those who follow and vote for them stand quiet. You sit there on your high horse, preaching your moral authority, family values, and love for the constitution and this country while your political party and the officials you vote for commit genocide. From now on, shut up. You are the problem with this country! Your fake morals, your love of fear…it drives you to hate! You claim President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama and those who support them have ruined this country when in fact it is YOU. So take a long look in the mirror and just shut up! You’ve destroyed a nation at home, a reputation in the world, and the blame lies with you and your kind!

It is my true hope that history looks on all of the guilty mentioned above with contempt and never forgives them for causing, being silent about, or using this crisis for political and financial gain. It is my hope we the people vote out all the politicians involved, condemn those using this crisis to shit on our city once again, and come together to hold those responsible to the flames until justice prevails! The only innocent party in all of this are the residents of the City of Flint.

Downtown Flint, shot by Erik Veenhuis

Make no mistake about it, this crisis was man made. An attack on the poor, black, white, brown…the 99%. The group who struggle everyday just to provide for their family, who try and do right, but instead are spit on, tossed aside, and demonized by those who practice in the lifestyle of fear and hate. It was done to disenfranchise, to break them, and to make sure that this city was put down for generations. Time will tell if they’ve been successful, but if I know one thing, the people of Flint are resilient. The people from Flint are tough, and to borrow a line from Dylan Thomas, “they will not go gentle into that goodnight.”

Erik B. Veenhuis

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