The superiority of pen and paper

Hi reMarkable,

I pre-ordered and I’m looking forward to the delivery. Any update/info on that is appreciated. I also plan to use it for drawing and I wonder how well that would work. Some concerns/suggestions about this. Imagine, for instance, trying to make a 15-minute modeldrawing;

Will it be fast enough or is there a noticable latency?

I expect it won’t be pressure-sensitive (so you can go from dark to light lines like with a pencil) and I would accept that (it would be like drawing with a pen) But I do hope you can come up with another clever input-method to vary the grey-scale of the line (maybe with a button on the side of the pen?)

Will there be a convenient way to colour areas in greyscale? (maybe a brush as a second inputdevice could be cool)

Anyway, good luck…

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