Blender Teddy Bear Challenge Update #1

I told you in my last post that my wife challenged me to model a teddy bear on my own. I haven’t been spending as much time with Blender since then, but I’ve made some progress still.

Here is a still screenshot:

Still screenshot of the progress on my teddy bear.

And a fun animated GIF:

The progress on my teddy bear (the animation is a manual movement, not done in Blender). Alternate gif link in case it’s not loading:

I still need to make a lot of improvements. It’s way too symmetrical and shiny. The geometry has some problems, too. But hey, I’m learning. Oh yeah and a head, of course. Probably.

Here are a few handy shortcuts and things I came across during this time:

  • Orbit up/down w/mouse[shift + alt + wheel]
  • Orbit left/right w/mouse [ctrl + alt + wheel]
  • Roll left/right w/mouse [ctrl + shift + wheel]
  • Pan with w/mouse [shift + alt + click & drag]
  • Select inverse of selection [ctrl + i]

Here are some other fun bits: