Rey is Luke’s Clone
David Grossman

  • There’s an expanded version I wrote as a reply in the Huffington post. Rey has an almost compulsive need to stay on Jaku. She can best three raiders in hand-to-hand combat without apparent training. She picks up Force techniques after seeing them once. She seems to know the Millenium Falcon better than Han Solo himself. Luke’s light saber called to her and she can use it to fight a fully trained “dark” knight like Kylo Ren, a guy who is more powerful than Vader even was. She can withstand Ren’s interrogation and even reverse it. She clearly isn’t a Solo or Han and Leia would have mentioned it. Their sorrow is Ben, no a daughter they may have lost. Leia embraces Rey but as a fellow woman who sees maybe herself in her, not as a possible mother. Leia may not be a Jedi but she would have felt something at least. Why wouldn’t she be Luke’s daughter? It’s possible but it would be a bit obvious and disappointing. I watched the movie for the third time yesterday and specifically watched the reaction of Han and Leia to Rey and Finn. I’m again convinced that their story is a parallel to Luke and Leia. I also don’t think they are related in the way most people think at least Rey is; Luke’s daughter or maybe even Leia’s daughter (with or witout Han as the father). My theory is that both Rey and Finn are products of a new cloning technique where specific strands of DNA are used (those that are most sensitive to the Force) to create a new being. This can be male or female and isn’t even race dependent. The DNA is most probably Luke’s but could be Anakin Skywalker as well. When the clones were old enough they were sent (probably from Kamino) to Luke’s Jedi School where they learned light saber fighting and how to use the Force. Before their training was completed, the school was raided by Kylo Ren and his knights. Rey, who was further advanced in training, survived. She was taken off planet to Jaku. Her Force ability was cloaked and her mind was conditioned so she would stay on the planet until whomever continued the Jedi would come and fetch her. Finn was also cloaked but before he could be conditioned, the First Order had taken him. Since he didn’t show any obvious Force abilities they didn’t kill him but instead dumped him with the Storm Trooper recruits. He has the same amazing (even to himself) ability to pick up stuff like shooting and technology. He could handle himself with a light saber when non-Jedis aren’t supposed to even pick up one without injury (yes Han did but he probably had latent abilities anyway). Maz Kanata is surprised when she sees his eyes. They are “the eyes of a man who wants to run”. Her reaction is much to strong to mean that she thinks Finn wants to run. In the Star Wars galaxy a lot of people are running from (or towards) a lot of things. I think she means she sees the eyes of Luke Skywalker, a man who ran away from everything. If that is true than the DNA is most probably Luke’s. The fact that Finn and Rey like each other a lot is a perfect parallel to the story of Leia and Luke who turned out to be siblings. If the are “clones” (for want of a better word) from the same donor they would probably feel like brother and sister. The fact that Finn was hurt and couldn’t accompany them to wherever Luke is is convenient because Luke won’t see them both at the same time. Another reason why I think she isn’t Luke’s direct offspring is his reaction. He’s surprised to see her but not as he would see a daughter.
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