From forcing keyword arguments to anonymous functions

1. Forced Keyword Arguments

And all the reasons why they are wrong

1. Indentation instead of curly braces

What is it, when to use, with Python example code

Bloom filter in Python

A handpicked list of the most useful and surprising Python packages from PyPI

Image by author

1. Dash

JSON in Python is easy; get up and running quickly

Importing the JSON library in Python

import json

Learn how to write polished and efficient Python code

What Are List Comprehensions?

Educational and surprising insights into how Python is used

Image © by author

1. Urllib3


Learn what it is, and how and when to implement it

Photo by Dennis van Zuijlekom on Flickr

What is concurrency?

If you think you mastered the language, you’ve got to read this

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1. The Python Ellipsis

Learn how iterators work and how to use them, including example code

How a Python iterator works

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