I’m not diminishing the over-the-top actions of a paltry few Christian “extremists.”
Alexander Mitchell

“ And don’t you dare claim otherwise.”

So you threaten people who tell the truth.

“ But none of them are forming militias, gathering military munitions and taking over entire geographical regions at gunpoint, and forcibly imposing religious orthodoxy under the threat of execution”

And yet, they are. They’ve been forcibly imposing their religious orthodoxy on GLBTQ people — that’s what the war on same-sex marriage was, and the war on GLBTQ people serving in the military, and the opposition to employment protection for GLBTQ people. And they have been clear about their intent to make homosexuality a capital offense punishable by death since the sodomy laws were struck down by the Supreme Court.

And they’ve been killing GLBTQ people, and burning down churches that support GLBTQ people, and bars and clubs, for decades — all to enforce their religious orthodoxy.

“ And to directly compare the proposed actions/policies of some Christians in American government to such actions by the Taliban, ISIS, etc. is as reprehensible”

So you consider the truth to be reprehensible. Or perhaps you just don’t give a damn about the very real destruction that the conservative christians/the religious right/evangelicals have inflicted on GLBTQ people for decades.

“ It’s a flagrant insult to the memory and legacy of the true tragedy of the real Holocaust”

No, but the insult you’ve vomited over the very real victims of conservative Christianity in this country — like GLBTQ people, and people of color, is obscene beyond all excuse of justification.

The only way your post makes sense, is if you are a conservative “Christian”/religious right/evangelical.

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