Ok. Let’s talk about perspective since you apparently have none.
Kyle Plate

“ Let’s talk about perspective since you apparently have none.”

By starting with a self-serving lie about me, you prove you have no morals, kyle.

Your numbers game is obscene.

Now, homophobe, as I pointed out, your peers want to make homosexuality punishable by death, they essentially threaten the lives of every GLBTQ person in the U.S., 33 million people. That doesn’t count the GLBTQ people killed, brutalized, beaten, over the centuries since North America was colonized, or killed, brutalized, beaten in Europe and colonies/former colonies around the world.

What you argument actually shows is two things:
1) human lives mean nothing to do at all
2) you hate GLBTQ people

A decent and sane person, would rejecting conservativism over even one deliberate death inflicted for the purpose of enforcing religious orthodoxy.

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