That’s odd, I could say the exact opposite viewpoint.
Paul Werner

“ That’s odd, I could say the exact opposite viewpoint. “

Of course, bigots can always lie. Terrorists always have a way to reject reality in favor of their hate and malice.

“I could mention that the last eight years have been an outright assault against a multi-millenial institution (marriage) by those on the left to have it redefined to anything they wish.”

And that would prove that you are a vicious homophobe, as willing to destroy others as any “radical Islamic terrorist”. It would affirm every point I’ve made about the deeply evil and unChristian beliefs of fundamentalist/right-wing/conservative “Christians”.

“ As far as any homosexual family members being murdered, I can’t sign up for that since I am not seeing it in my neighborhood.”

But of course you are not, you are a terrorist yourself, so self-centered and egotistical, you dismiss anything that you did not personally do.

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