The Constitution supercedes or preempts state law, and the Bill of Rights is universally applied in…
JC Weatherby

The problem is, the religious liberties of minorities have been systematically trampled by conservative “Christians”, the religious right, the moral majority, evangelicals, fundamentalists.

Every law that penalized homosexuality in some way, from the marriage bans to DODT to the legal discrimination against GLBQ people in housing and employment in much of the U.S. to this day — violates the freedom of religion of GLBTQ people, their families and friends, and the churches that reject the belief ‘homosexuality is sin’. And mainstream society most said ‘no biggie’. Not only did those laws create a precedent for further religious discrimination, the proposed “freedom of religion” measures that specifically single out GLBTQ people for discrimination create the foundation for eroding the religious freedom of any faith other than conservative christianity.

And folks, activists like me have been telling you this for years, across every medium available. We warned you that the conservative christians were working to establish a theocracy, and that whatever you let them do to us, they would do to you as soon as they had the power.

But hey, it was only the gays losing their rights, so not enough people cared.

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