In the colonial period it lead executions? Proof…
Paul Werner

Typical. You make claims without any evidence, but demand proof from me. You’re a bigot with an agenda.

“ In 1779, Thomas Jefferson wrote a law in Virginia which contained a punishment of castration for men who engage in sodomy.[2] Jefferson intended this to be a liberalization of the sodomy laws in Virginia at that time, which prescribed death as the maximum penalty for the crime of sodomy. It was rejected by the Virginia legislature.”

From 1533 it was a capital felony for any person to “commit the detestable and abominable vice of buggery with mankind or beast,” was repealed and re-enacted several times, until it was reinstated in 1563 remaining unchanged until 1861.[5]

United States and colonial America

See also: Sodomy laws in the United States

Colonial America had the laws of the United Kingdom, and the revolutionary states took many of those laws as the basis of their own, in some cases verbatim.[5] The last law where the death penalty was on the statute books was South Carolina, the old British law was repealed until 1873, twelve years after the mother country.[5]

The number of times the penalty was carried out is unknown, records support two executions, and a number of more uncertain convections, such as “crimes against nature”.[5]

“ Islamic fundamentalists are somehow more reasonable than Christians?”

Nice straw-man. The way you dishonestly convert my statements that are specifically about conservative/fundamentalist/right-wing Christians into a general all-inclusive Christians is particularly dishonest.

“ You may want to ask Daniel Pearl’s family about that; they might disagree.”

Or I could talk the the many personal friends I know who have lost a GLBTQ friend, companion, family member to anti-gay violence, I could even talk to myself about it, having buried more than one friend killed by people who claim to be Christians, for being gay. Or talk to the Cathars — wait, they were exterminated by the Roman Catholic Church.

“ As far as responding to the rest of your straw man argument, I’l pass.”

There was no straw man, until you resorted to the one I just mentioned. You are passing, because you cannot accept the facts without admitting that conservative Christianity has been just as bad as fundamentalist Islam — but for longer.

“ I never quite understood fully how those on the left could align themselves with radical Islamic terrorists and now I know.”

Nice fantasy, it really shows how deeply dishonest you are. No, it is the american “Christian” fundamentalists who are aligned with radical Islamic terrorists. In fact, this quote from your other post at me demonstrates it quite well: “ . I could mention that the last eight years have been an outright assault against a multi-millenial institution (marriage) by those on the left to have it redefined to anything they wish.”

That is what terrorists of any kind say about GLBTQ people. You are no better than any radical Islamic terrorist. Frankly, your wish in your last sentence of the eradication of GLBTQ people means you are worse than them.

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