Is the voice effective?

Facebook uses a voice that is very direct which allows users to easily understand how to post and search up information, making it also functional. The voice is also very personable because in the status section it asks “what’s on your mind?” which prompts users to go ahead and share their feelings with the Facebook community.

Is the tone appropriate?

I believe the tone is appropriate because Facebook makes use of advertisements to help pay for the free site for users but customizes the ads so people see the type of ads that are more relatable. The tone also works because when someone is setting up Facebook for the first time, it is very simple and straight-forward to get people onto the site and then staying.

What elements or features promote use of the site?

Elements/features include asking “what’s on your mind?” for the status bar and when someone goes into a group, it prompts with “write something…”. Both tactics encourage people to take advantage of the social aspect of this social media. Another element is the fact most people have a Facebook account so in order to stay in the loop about all that is going on, people need to join the Facebook community.

Make the scrolling through the newsfeed more user-friendly will encourage people to use it more. Especially indicating where someone left off in the content so they do not see the same content over and over again.

How are graphics and visuals incorporated, and do they encourage or discourage use? How do they do this?

Graphics/Visuals are usually used to encourage people to read a story that someone else posts or just to address a situation/issue through the use of text on an image. People also posts albums of their lives which can encourage people to share more photos or make customers think people are sharing too much so don’t post themselves. One way they encourage people directly is when someone types in a status, they have the option to also upload a photo/video to add to the quality of the post.

One way they could encourage people to use more graphics/visuals is by having a space on Facebook where users can learn how to make banner cover photos so this area of Facebook can be used more.

How much thought was given to navigation throughout the site?

A great deal of thought was put into the site but one way it could improve is when a user is searching a name, the picture of the person shows up next to the name. This allows the user to find someone they are searching for more easily if they do not remember their last name.

Are the elements- graphical, navigational, and metaphorical- consistently applied throughout the site?

When I was exploring through the site, I felt it was consistently applied. Like the graphics looked the same and you can always access the navigation bar. With regards to metaphorical, the company doesn’t make big claims so the users are not turned away.

Is the tone or rhythm of the site consistent throughout?

It seemed consistent throughout about a tone showing relatability.

Do these dimensions match the audience(s) for the site?

I believe all these dimensions match the audience because those using social media want an easy to use site that allows them to stay connected and share their thoughts. One way to encourage people even more to use the site is by explaining how you can place friends into different categories so you are not always seeing everyone on your main timeline feed. Instead of blocking that family member that posts too much, just place them under the family tab and only look at it when you are in the mood to see what they are up too.