Please Stop Trying To Make The High-Rise Wide-Leg Crop Happen
Silvia Killingsworth

Okay. I love your article, and your writing, and I love that you’re calling out the bullshit marketing of these garments. But I LOVE THESE PANTS! My name is Erin, and I love weird 70s-inspired clothing. There isn’t a pant on this post I wouldn’t wear. This is partly because I am six feet tall, and any pant trend that does not demand pants be “long enough” makes me fell happy and liberated. It’s okay that these pants graze my mid-shin? My knees pop out when I sit down and it’s fine? Great! Sign me up! I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for the tall woman, but believe me when I say I own very few pants, and any pants I can get away with are good pants indeed.

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