To Do in 2016

God, I love a good list. I love making them and I especially love striking things off of them. Below are my goals for 2016:


  • Visit a new country (I’m thinking Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, but would also love to get Nicaragua in there)
  • Play in the snow (Feb / Mar?)(completed Feb 2016)
  • Visit Indiana (Easter?)
  • Visit Tracy, Aaron, Gina, Alexa, Jordan in Pacific NW(August?)
  • Visit Megan in UT (spring)
  • Go stand up paddle boarding (ocean or Lake Pleasant)
  • Research silent meditation retreat
  • Eat at Cafe Monarch


  • Show Olivia in T3 & 1–1 and get scores above 65%
  • Run in a 5k fun run
  • A1c under 7%
  • Normal blood work results


  • Build Shed (in progress)
  • Rebar screen between our yard & neighbor’s drive way (fall)
  • Master closet storage
  • Do KonMari Method for the whole house (spring)


  • Fund 6 month emergency fund (by end of 2016)
  • No spend month (Jan / Feb) (completed Feb 2016)
  • Increase 401k contribution by 1% (completed Jan 2016)


  • Post on this blog 1 time per week
  • Finish out our commitment of mentoring RM for 1 year
  • Attend a Unity Church service
  • Make emergency info packet with all our passwords, financial info, etc and store in safe place
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