Whole 30 — Day 16

I exercised for the first time on the Whole 30 journey today. I did a circuit with abs, squats and mountain climbers at lunch today and it was tough because I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy. I’m hoping I’ll get used to not fueling with carbs soon. We shall see.

We went out with Ryan for dinner last night and he had an amazing BLT with fries and it was interesting — I had to keep stopping my hand from reaching over and eating one off his plate. It’s amazing how some habits are just hardwired after a certain point. I had a spinach salad with smoked chicken, cucumbers, oranges, granny smith apples, cranberries and sunflower seeds. The fruit was really good so I actually didn’t even need dressing, and the salad was huge so I was able to have it for lunch today. An interesting aside: normally when I eat salads I don’t worry about taking too much insulin — but the fruit and dried cranberries must’ve had a lot of carbs because I shot up 100 mg/dl after I had it. Oops. Should bolused more I guess.

We’re going to a happy hour tonight for NPFY so I’m planning on have some sparkling water and snacking on veggies, if they have any.

TODAY I’M PROUD: that I went back to the gym. I like working out so I was really glad to be there.


LUNCH: Spinach salad above

SNACK: Pineapple

DINNER: Baked wings w/ Frank’s Redhot and sweet potato fries

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