Let’s Talk About #TheResistance

Yes, this country has indeed gone insane. Not without help, however. As a benchmark, I am going to insert Obama’s New Year’s Message because no doubt things are going to be different in 2 1/2 weeks. Yes, this is where we are right now.

What is The Resistance? and is this truly a Rebel Alliance? Because I think we all know that right now, we need to do a lot more than the tweeting, and we are all capable of doing a lot more. 
The folks who have set up the District 13 House in Washington DC, are effing brilliant. They have people on the ground there who work with any group that wants to carry out an action. Really, how annoying is it that we are all so far away that we can’t just do a pop-up protest or get any answers about the NONSENSE that is going on.

Not necessarily Kremlin Don and his mighty swamp — but the fact that the House has decided that it no longer wanted to be accountable for ethics to the people? When, just because they can, they ban live streaming on the house floor? (Hey see ya later first amendment!) 
The leaders of the republican party are rather suspicious in their apparent collusion with Kremlin Don and Vladimir Putin. 
Mitch McConnell’s wife even got a cabinet position. Paul Ryan used the confidential information that he learned during a meeting with the FBI and homeland security, as cannon fodder against his opponent. 
That meeting was probably the most important decisions made that got us here today. Leaders of both parties were shown the most compelling evidence of election tampering, and instead of joining the Democrats to put country over party — as usual — Paul Ryan and Leader McConnell Mitch McConnell would not go public. Going so far to declare, should the President alert the people about Russia meddling in the election, they would deny it and call it out as a partisan act. 
Somehow they are not being investigated, along with a huge line of transition team house members, strangely convenient appointments from different states. 
There has been a substantive change in the Senate Republican Policy and House Republicans we see today and those of years past; The ones that would work across the aisle. There have always been conservatives that had their ideology, but they were patriots.

@SpeakerRyan Paul Ryan, Leader McConnell Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Policy Senate Republicans House Republicans Jason Chaffetz, Chuck Grassley are not patriots. They are what happens when little boys are allowed to read Atlas Shrugged one too many times.

2018 is just around the corner and what has become very apparent is that we need to start to use the other guy’s playbook. (no not the part after the win where you tear up all the rules and enrich friends and family) We have to take back this country, and I say us like a flag flying card carrying liberal, Democrat. Mayor races, Governor Races, House seats and Senate seats coming up in the midterms where it is the hardest to get people to vote. 
I know the DNC, and the DCCC are usually the guys that do this, and I happen to endorse Tom Perez for that gig proudly, but they are fighting each other right now.

So yes, there is a tweet storm going on Twitter, and I love that, but seriously let us start making some plan for our Rebel Alliance and make sure they know, that we are aware, what they are up to, and they will have to deal with us. Let us get more transparency regarding voting equipment, and the voting rights act restored. 
Let us work with the DNC when it gets there on setting up ground games in all 50 states to get more women elected, and running for city council, seats on the board of education, mayor, governor, etc. We can do this; there are enough of us! 
So I offer up myself and hope to find a group of others that are willing to bring this resistance from an online hashtag to something much like District 13.

The entire Trump campaign, with the help of Julian Assange, drank a lot of Putin branded Kremlin Kool-aid. SOMEHOW despite Losing the popular vote by 3 million votes.’

Donald Trump owes his ENTIRE victory to swing states and even that he only won by 1.8%. 
Hillary won the 37 NONSwing States by 4.1% whole percent points.
She lost Wisconsin by .08% 1,382,536 Voted For Her and So did: 
PA by Clinton Lost .07 % and received 2,926,441 votes
Arizona Lost by 3.5% But Received 1,161,167 Obama in 2012 lost AZ around 9% 
Georgia Lost by 5.2% 1,877,963 Votes Overall down from te 7% Loss in 2012
Texas Hillary lost it by 9.0% but that equates to 3,877,868 votes, that’s not chump change. Obama lost Texas by 15% in 2012 
Florida 1.2% 4,504,975 Votes 
North Carolina 3.7% 2,189,316Michigan by .02%. 2,268,839
EVEN though Detroit, couldn’t account for the vote after they “certified” it, and amazingly just in Detroit they had 87 broken machines on election day. With, a 10,000 margin to victory.

In the end, voters, all of them lost the election. For every state win, there are the people who turned to vote in the millions, for both parties who lost. Due to the electoral college, our strange way of counting votes, unlike any other country out there. All together 65,844,610 people’s votes did not matter. 
If you have done any GOTV action you know, it’s hard to get people to vote.! this cannot go on any longer! We have to start fighting! Not just here but on so many issues.