Without feeling sleazy, pushy, or annoying

Let’s imagine you’re puttering about online, and you see someone who fixes a problem that has been driving you bonkers (or that you you’ve been wasting valuable mental bandwidth trying to figure out).

This person is rocking a cool vibe, seems like a credible expert and is using words that have you thinking “YES!!! They get it! Where do I find out more!?”

This problem that you have isn’t as dire as a clogged toilet (which is extra dire in the time of COVID quarantine, yes?)

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Let’s keep in mind that this is all IMHO level musing, but the thing I have been noticing lately is…

I’m jaded AF.

Not about all things, which would qualify me as a curmudgeon who should just go live in the woods already…but as a consumer.

Most specifically a consumer online. Who frequently makes purchase decisions based on FB ads, or email marketing.

And I gotta say, massive discounts as the end all be all? Just makes me curl my cynical lip and think “you can do better!”

Case in point.

Hello Fresh.

I was ranting in a “people that get me”…

REI, Lululemon, Apple…all stores that have changed the shopping experience by hiring employees that are in love with the product (and are USERS of it).

They each have created a movement that goes far beyond the individual product, and into a culture that makes you proud to be a member.

When you come from a place of “how can I help you find the best answer for your needs?” instead of “how can I sell you this thing?”…everything changes.

How the buyer feels.

How you feel.

And if your business has good product market fit — so that the answer…

I keep seeing people around the interwebs ask — how long should I email before I start selling?? what if they think I only want to sell them? 😳😬😭

Can we collectively flip this script?!

When you are selling something genuinely helpful to your audience member, something they need….why would you WAIT?! 🤔

This is why we love the binge & buy method, using MemberVault to house all of your free and paid offers in one place.

You can make your paid offers available to buy from day 1 of someone joining your list, without feeling spammy.

Here’s how it works.



Erin @ MemberVault

CEO & MV co-founder + mom of 2 wildlings // Obsessed with chatting all things supportive selling for scaleable business growth!

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