In honor of Chrissy Teigen’s recent sharing of her vagina steam on Instagram, here’s a story I wrote a while back…

Collage by Erin Vincent

This weekend I’m eating baby food for breakfast, steaming my vagina, and then when it’s all moist and my pores are open I’m going to shove a jade egg right up in there, and then while my egg is stewing in my own personal slow cooker I’m going to grind up some coffee beans, rub them all over my body and lay back and have a vampire facial.

Why? you may ask. Because a celebrity said so, that’s why!

It is ten years since my memoir, Grief Girl, was published and only now am I beginning to understand the havoc it wreaked upon my life.

Writing about the night of my parents’ accident by Adam Knott

Before writing a memoir about my parents dying in a road accident when I was 14 I went around saying, “So my parents died, what’s the big deal?” I wholeheartedly believed that I had come away unscathed. When the topic of parents came up in conversation I would say, “Oh, my parents are retired; they live up the coast.” …

Erin Vincent

Author of the memoir GRIEF GIRL published by Random House.

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