Classic Extensibility Updates for MAX 2020

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Conan O’Brien mentioning CEP 10.0 at MAX 2020 during the keynote.

This week has been filled with exciting announcements about our new APIs, but we can’t let it go without saying that we also have updates to the extensibility products you’re already using. Read on to learn about our updates to CEP, ExManCmd, ZXPSign, and news about the forums.

CEP 10

A year ago we said that CEP was in “maintenance mode” while we worked on UXP. Then over the summer, there were security updates to Chromium, Node updates, and some serious bugs that had to be addressed. CEP needed a big enough update to go from CEP 9 to 10. …

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Adobe MAX is free this year, and online only: Oct. 20–22nd.

Planning to launch at MAX 2020? Please keep this important date in mind

Editor’s Note: We’ve extended the deadline from October 1st to October 5th.
— Erin Finnegan, Community Engineer, Creative Cloud

Every year, Adobe Creative Cloud releases updates during Adobe MAX. On the MAX mainstage, new features are demoed in front of a live audience. With 2020 being what it is, this year, MAX will be free and online, October 20–22 (register now). We’re excited for the chance to engage with even more users and developers than we can at an in-person event.

If you’re a developer of plugins, extensions, or integrations for Creative Cloud products, you’ll want to make sure that your products work with the 2021 versions of our applications. Here’s how to join prereleases, how to check out digital video and audio public beta apps, and where to try out CEP 10 in prereleases before MAX. …

Check Your Extension Against CEP 10 Now and Report Bugs Before Creative Cloud 2021 Apps are Released

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This blog post is for anyone building plugins, extensions, or integrations for Creative Cloud apps using CEP (the Common Extensibility Platform). CEP 10 contains a major CEF update (Chromium Embedded Framework), from 61 to 74 (Chromium 74.0.3729.157) and a major Node.js update, from Node.js 8.6.0 in CEP 9 to Node.js 12.3.1 in CEP 10. Please see our previous post for the complete release notes.

Please note: These updates do not apply to Adobe XD, as XD contains UXP (the Unified Extensibility Platform), which will be rolling out to different Creative Cloud applications over the next several years.

CEP 10 is now available in prerelease in most Creative Cloud apps, and will be in all of the apps that support it by the end of this month. Subscribe to this blog’s Creative Cloud feed or sign up for our developer newsletter for updates. …

If you’re a developer building integrations, plugins, extensions, or even just writing scripts for Creative Cloud apps, it’s important to keep your work up to date with the latest Creative Cloud releases. The best way to say ahead of the game is to join the prerelease program of the app or apps you develop for (for example; Photoshop and Illustrator) as well as the prerelease groups for tools you might use every day, like the ExtendScript Debugger plugin for VSCode or ExManCmd.

UPDATE July 24th, 2020: After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Media Encoder, and Premiere Pro are now available in the Beta Apps section of the Creative Cloud Desktop app for all users. …

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In order to support the XD Plugin Manager redesign, and to improve the developer experience, we’ve redesigned the Adobe Developer Console. This redesign is available to you today.

The I/O Console is used to generate a plugin ID when you build an XD plugin and to list your plugin in the Plugin Manager (if you choose to do so). Starting today, you can use the new Adobe Developer Console to update your plugin listing(s) to prepare for the update to the new Plugin Manager.

First off, we recommend checking out an updated example of a plugin manifest here, which has been greatly simplified (for existing plugins, we have details about what is no longer required on our developer forums). …

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If you have an integration, add-on, or extension listed on the Adobe Exchange for Creative Cloud, please read on to find out how your listing(s) on the Exchange may be affected by a recent announcement regarding certain unauthorized software.

The list of unauthorized software was announced in May of 2019. Please refer to the official chart of unauthorized software here.

Going forward, this will affect Exchange listings in the following ways.

  • As of September 6th, new listings are no longer allowed to list compatibility for unauthorized products.
  • Beginning on November 8th, 2019, compatibility with unauthorized versions of Creative Cloud apps will be automatically hidden from Exchange listings. …

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Arranger for Illustrator, available in the Creative Cloud Exchange

You may have heard about UXP, or the Unified Extensibility Platform, which provides a modern solution for extending Creative Cloud applications. UXP-powered extensibility was first introduced in Adobe XD at MAX 2018, and while we’re still a few years from out from integrating UXP with other Creative Cloud applications, we’ve had a lot of questions and feedback from existing CEP and ES developers about what it will be like to migrate an existing extension to this new model. So, this week, we’re interviewing Eugen Pflueger, a developer who ported his Illustrator and InDesign extension to Adobe XD.

Eugen Pflueger is a designer, part-time developer, co-founder of Parce and father of three. He lives and works in Germany. He works as an interaction designer at | digital media. …

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Ash Arnwine kicks off the Summit.

This year marked the seventh annual Creative Developers Summit, a one-day event for people who script, automate, and develop for Creative Cloud products. CDS typically happens on the last day of Creative Pro Week, in whichever city Creative Pro Week travels to each year.

If you missed it this year, Creative Developers Summit will be in Austin, Texas, on June 5th, 2020 next year.

The summit was founded by a community of Creative Cloud developers, who ran the event independently for years. …

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Meet us in Seattle!

In case you missed our previous post, it’s not too late to register for Creative Developers Summit and get $100 off registration with the code ADOBEDEV.

If you’re still on the fence about attending, check out the additional speakers and sessions just added below. Or skip ahead and sign up to meet 1:1 with Prerna to talk about UXP, see some Photoshop as a Service demos up close, or help user-test the new Adobe I/O developer console. Read on for all the details.

What is the Creative Developers Summit and who is it for?

This year’s Creative Developers Summit will be on Friday, June 14, in Seattle, at the end of Creative Pro Week. Creative Developers Summit is for anyone who creates scripts, extensions, plugins, add-ons, or custom applications for Adobe Creative Cloud. Although Adobe sponsors Creative Developers Summit, it was originally created by the developer community for the developer community. …

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If you’re a regular (or even occasional!) reader of this blog, and Seattle is within affordable traveling distance, you should consider attending the Creative Developers Summit on June 14.

We’re serious! Register right now. Here’s a code for $100 off: ADOBEDEV.

This one-day summit, held annually at the end of Creative Pro Week, is for anyone who creates scripts, extensions, plugins, add-ons, or custom applications for Adobe Creative Cloud, IT managers that support creative teams, and/or anyone interested in automating workflows for Creative Cloud apps, especially (but not limited to) InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign Server.

This is your chance to meet some of the world’s top experts in the Creative Cloud extensibility community, as well as regular authors (and occasional guest authors) of the Adobe Tech Blog. Whether you’re learning how to build a CEP panel for the first time or you want the latest information on UXP, you need to be at this event. …


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