Kraut/pol/AfD — “Making Europe Great Again” (MEGA)

Erin Gallagher
Oct 1, 2018 · 6 min read

“This is the resistance in Germany you might not know outside the filterbubble of the foreign shitlib press.”

This is blog # 8 in a series of blogs about 4chan trolling tactics during the 2016 election. View the entire series here.

Just before the 2016 election, trolls on 4chan looked back at what they had accomplished and were both inspired and apparently afraid of going to jail, except for the German anons who, it was speculated, might go to re-education camps. They also said “Next we MEGA” — as in Make Europe Great Again.

While I was looking for additional pastebins from the 2016 US election, I found two pastebins for European elections. Kraut/pol/ OPs posted December 26, 2016 has at the time of writing only 60 views, but linked in the first pastebin is a second pastebin titled “AfD party program — list of contents” from December 30, 2016 which has over 5,000 views. The second pastebin has election propaganda for the far-right German AfD party — translated to English. There is also a third European pastebin called “Kraut/pol/ & AfD General OP” that has over 2,000 views at the time of writing and it appears they are gearing up for October 2018 elections in Bavaria.

The first pastebin targeting European elections begins with dates for elections in Germany and Austria. The second pastebin is linked just underneath.

Then there are several meme albums, some of which are offline but some are still accessible. The fourth album from the top links to a repository of AfD election propaganda called AfD — Memekrieg.

Another photo album still online contains more AfD political propaganda as well as propaganda against various other German political parties containing fear-mongering, anti-Islam and racist content.

The “Einzelfall-Map (Isolated cases — crime map)” has been removed due to violating Google’s Terms of Service.

“Resources from the 2016 election” links to the pastebin in blog # 6 in this series, Meme Division Resources.


Organizing and spreading memes…


Links to various Fashwave videos

Here’s a good summary of Fashwave if this is the first you’ve heard of it:

There are mentions and hat tips to Defend Europe/Identitarians and below a mention of Reconquista Germanica.

Reconquista Germanica was exposed organizing sock puppet raids on YouTube using similar trolling tactics with multiple fake accounts as described previously in this series.

Deployment of the KEK Brigades in European elections:

More references to Identitarians and Defend Europe…

“You will straighten out your life and check what amount of Shekels you can afford to contribute to the cause and spread these resources amongst the 1st and 2nd tier echelons you deem worthy of your money.”

This first European elections pastebin only has < 100 views but I found it duplicated in other pastebins.

The final pastebin in this series dated December 30, 2016 has over 5,000 views at the time of writing. Someone translated AfD ‘s political platform (AfD = Alternative für Deutschland ) into English, presumably so non-German speakers could participate in shitposting for German elections.

Talking points are what you can expect from far-right European politicians.

Ignore climate change but fracking needs a local referendum. Ban halal slaughter, stronger animal rights. And apparently whoever translated these talking points didn’t understand the last bit about Infrastructure “some stuff about buildings and urban planning I don’t really get.”

Some of this “political propaganda” linked in the first pastebin is recycled terrorist propaganda. It’s racist, homophobic and predominantly anti-refugee and seems like logos for every other political party in Germany were put on these heinous posters. I don’t know how much these were circulated during German elections or how many people viewed/shared this “PSY OP” propaganda album but someone put a lot of time and effort into creating all these posters.

There are more pastebins for European elections. I can’t be sure I found them all or that they won’t make more. 4chan trolls have at least 2 years experience now shitposting for elections during which various far-right networks around the world have been weaving new connections. The results of those connections would be efficient cross-continental coordination.

And the shitposting continues, I found a recent 4chan thread with links & resources for upcoming elections in Bavaria. I can’t imagine anyone putting in this much effort if it wasn’t successful in the past.

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