See examples of how you can adapt to our new reality

Today’s brands are struggling to find ways to provide real value to their audiences and customers in the context of a daily barrage of difficult news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The content you produce must be, above all, useful. At the same time, it must be sensitive to how they’re…

interactive data visualization on vaccines

As coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, it’s probably safe to say that just about everyone is on the edge of their seat. It’s hard to let a day — even an hour — go by without checking for the latest update. And what we’re watching is the numbers…

Data viz allows the health industry to make sense of vast amounts of data for better patient care

Efficient, meaningful data analysis is at the core of some of today’s most important medical studies. It’s also essential for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals during their day-to-day practice as they interact with health interfaces and databases, generate reports, and review patient information and trends.

But a mountain of…

Data viz helps marketers promote their brand and spot trends in how their content is performing

It seems like just about everyone, from freelance designers to influencers and everyone in between, needs to know at least a little about digital marketing these days. With so many people trying to promote a personal brand, kick off a startup, or work as an independent contractor, it’s important to…

With the sheer quantity of data growing all the time, tech businesses need a way to understand and put it to use

With the advent of big data, businesses — especially those in the tech industry — have access to more data than ever before about their customers, how their ads are performing, how their product is reaching people, and pretty much every other business metric you can think of.

It’s estimated…

Illustrations and other visual tools are a fantastic way to analyze complex scientific info and help the public understand it

Illustrated scientists working with data visualizations

Anyone who follows the news in spaceflight technology or stays up-to-date on the latest findings in environmental science knows just how fundamental data visualizations are to the conversation.

Scrolling through NASA or SpaceX’s Twitter feeds, you’re likely to find data-backed illustrations that show us the parts of our universe we…

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