Aurora Center Seminar

All new members of Greek life are required to go to a one and a half hour seminar that the Aurora puts on. At first, I completely dreaded going to this event, as I had already had four classes and I really wanted to go for a run, but because the event was mandatory, I went. It ended up being a super weird coincidence because this Wednesday in class we learned about sexual assault and the new laws about sexual consent on campus, and literally 2 hours later I went to a seminar on the exact same topic. It was actually nice having background knowledge on this topic from the previous CLA discussion, because I felt better informed of the laws on the University of Minnesota campus. We talked about the statistics of sexual assault on campus. One statistic that still baffles me is that 90% of sexual assault happens from someone you know. Despite the feeling of dread that I felt initially upon going to the seminar, I feel like it is a great cause and that it was really important for people to attend. At the seminar, I learned about all of the resources on campus regarding physical and mental health, academic help provided for stress, legal services, and many more. I think it is extremely important for people on campus to know of these resources available, because we really truly never know when help will be needed. For the last half an hour of the seminar, we each had to share about a time we intervened in a situation that could have been damaging to someone else. I heard many amazing stories from the people in the seminar. It is awesome how many people there were willing to step up in an incredibly difficult situation to help others.

For more information on the Aurora Center and their resources available, here is a link for their website.