Initiation Week

This week at my sorority it is initiation week! Initiation week has been nothing like the rumors you hear about all kinds of hazing and harassment. My initiation week so far has been extremely positive. I am very excited for initiation. The official initiation is on Friday. It starts at 5 and goes on all night. I am also very curious about what initiation entails. The new members are not given any information about what we do on initiation, other than that it is the most fun day of the year and that it is definitely something to look forward to. To begin initiation week on Monday, we had dinner and a formal meeting at the house. The dinner was extremely good and the meeting was very fun. Throughout the week, we are given various gifts. We were all given necklace pendants, and I received some peanut butter M&M’s (my favorite kind of candy). Throughout the week all of the new members were to decorate and paint a paddle to present to our Bigs. On Thursday night we presented them in a large ceremony. It was a lot of fun and we were all really proud of what we made. For tonight, we are going to get initiated and we are supposed to wear formal black attire with no make up so that we can look natural. I am very excited to become a part of something so great. One of the really important pieces that I received for freshman year was to “get involved” and meet as many people as I could. By joining my sorority, I am accomplishing all of those things with great people to be around. Being in Alpha Chi Omega has been so helpful and inclusive, and I am so lucky to be apart of it. I truly cannot wait to be an official member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Whenever I say that this week is our initiation week, people instantly will say “good luck”, but there are very strict laws at the University of Minnesotra regarding hazing. It is not allowed, and Alpha Chi Omega definitely follows the no hazing rule.

Here is a link regarding the University of Minnesota’s rules: