Vehicle Vignettes

The night gathered closely around

The fresh-cut grass reminded me of matcha

Until I remembered

It must be soiled with dog shit

I walked through the night

My heels stabbing away at the ground

When the light turned green

Traffic flowed like blood from a wound

He stood regarding the wall of objects that

Reached the ceiling of the storage unit

The moon smiled down on me, an orange rind of cheese

Everything is lit up like a garish stage

His eyes seemed sad and bound

I am wild. Why can’t they see? Do they expect me to examine my cage and smile?

In the mirrored night, a streetlight cloaked in swaths of rain shudders an unseen SOS

You have a beautiful view! I said

She replied, I know, I always say if I was to ever sell this house I’d have to have a Nighttime viewing

Every evening is like a different painting

Don’t worry! They cried

She’s only a puppy, she won’t hurt you

He barks but he is actually very friendly

Don’t worry

The cogs of the machine are never more apparent than on sunny days

The sky a blue shell

Parts working seamlessly

People in tight denim shake hands

Sunglasses like beetle eyes

The jagged mountains so cool and blue that you know

If you ran your tongue along them they’d taste like a blue raspberry sno cone

And cut up your mouth

Three brown fingers of dog sausage glistened in the morning sun

Originally published at on May 17, 2017.