3 Great Twitter Content Management Tools For Beginners

When it comes to content development, the people who do it the best plan and prepare in advance. Although platforms like Twitter allow for you to incorporate timely and timeless content into your brand strategy, you still must utilize the appropriate tools to help your content reach

There are various Twitter tools that will help you out but, let me highlight three that should make life a lot easier for you.


When it comes to content management for Facebook and Twitter, I really like Hootsuite. The cool thing about it is that if you are looking for a platform to use for free, you can link up to three accounts for free to manage. Various features include:

  • Schedule Tweets
  • Manage more than on Twitter account
  • Save Tweets as drafts/templates
  • Ability to attach photo or video to schedule in advance.
  • Shortened URls
  • Curation ability based on certain followers, making it easier to RT, share and curate.


Tweetdeck is now a tool that is attache to Twitter, you can check it out by going to tweetdeck.twitter.com while logged in. Just like Hootsuite, you are able to manage and schedule your accounts tweets. But, in addition to that, I really like Tweetdeck’s organizational system in terms of looking at people that you follow for content. You can actually create structured columns to make it easier to find content. Like for example, you can put ALL ESPN people in your list and the list will show on Tweetdeck, changing in real time. Various features include:

  • Developing organized lists to review for curation
  • Scheduling images, unfortunately you won’t have the ability to schedule videos with this tool.
  • Save Tweets as drafts/templates.
  • Ability to review real-time notifications from fan engagement.

IFTTT (If this, then that)

IFTTT isn’t quite similar to the other content management systems like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. This tool is amazing, why? Well, it works off of statements. For example “if I post on Instagram, then the photo will be pushed to Twitter too.” This platform makes life a lot easier in terms of putting content out, and especially similar content out on various platforms.

Try these tools out and let me know which one you find very useful!