Preview for those who don’t use Instagram: #HispanicHeritageMonth content from National Museum of American History from “Many Voices, One Nation”

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I’m thrilled to share the news that we’re hiring! Want to join our awesome team? Read on!

Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History
Washington, D.C.
Social Media Assistant
Application due June 15, 2017

Here’s what I want applicants to know about the job:

The ideal candidate will have excellent writing skills, a passion for American history, familiarity with blogging and social media, audience research/targeting skills, and great time management skills. …

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tl;dr: Live social media events can engage audiences and provide opportunities for meaningful interaction. The social media Q&A is a classic format. If done right, it can help showcase museum expertise and inspire positive relationships between passionate fans and museum staff. Before doing a Q&A, get to know your audience and what engages them. I talk about best practices in preparing for your Q&A and how to know if it rocked or flopped.

Before doing a live event on social media, make sure you’re following these three best practices.

1. Identify one or two audiences important to your mission and get to know them. If you see certain Twitter accounts interacting with you on a regular basis, click on their bios to learn a little more about them. This isn’t scientific, but it helps to picture real people when you plan any kind of event. Will that teacher you frequently spot engaging with your content appreciate this live event? Will it work with his or her schedule? Are there any faces you don’t see interacting with you that you’d hoped would be there? If you aren’t attracting the type of followers you want to attract, what changes can you make to your content to bring along more people in your target audience? If you don’t care about the people in your everyday audience and what inspires them to engage, live events aren’t for you. …


Erin Blasco

Museum educator and social media manager at @amhistorymuseum. Child of @floridarambler and @royalenfields.

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