An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

You wrote 13 public Tweets to your CEO, berating him for your poor life choices, and then you wrote this blog post and foreshadowed your own job loss and somehow still have the audacity to ask hard-working people for a handout?

One of the things I would highly recommend you do is shut your social media accounts down. This soapbox you’re standing on is going to make you a liability to any other company. Do you honestly believe that a company is going to want to hire you in the future if they know that you’re going to take to social media when you have an issue instead of asking for a sit down, face-to-face?

The second thing I’d recommend you do is spend some time working in those same soup kitchens you referenced in your blog post. You have a cushy apartment in California. You also seem to be able to whip up some delicious cupcakes and some chocolate cake from the comfort of your own home, so trust me when I say that you’re doing much, much better than the people who truly need those soup kitchens.

Oh, and perhaps you can put a lid on buying Diet Coke and bourbon as well as the coconut soup and “prosciutto-brie-cilantro-garlic biscuits” you so wonderfully photographed for your Twitter account. That might help you to keep your bank balance a bit higher, too.

Also, I’ve had a little gander through your social profiles and you’ve been sharing things on your profile about your workplace for quite sometime, which likely didn’t help you keep your job. Maybe one of the things you can take with you to your next job is the idea of confidentiality. You know, that thing you should do whereby you keep the stuff that happens in your workplace in your workplace.

Best of luck in the future, Talia. I have a feeling you’re going to need all the luck you can get.

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