Hi Erin, this was a fantastic read on branding — thank you.
Manu Singh

Thanks, Manu! Glad you gleaned some insights from it. Here are a few thoughts on that:

Values — You can certainly list these out, but I recommend at least putting a description with context on how those concepts apply to your brand, and more importantly, how they drive your interactions with customers.

Purpose—Oftentimes, people buy into a company’s purpose, not just their product. Put this statement into words that will resonate with your target audience, and give them a reason to get their friends on board with your business’ content.

Voice, Tone, and Language — These are meant to be internal guides, not necessarily outward facing. Your audience should get these vibes from what they read, and this can be done not only on your about page, but simply through calls to action, e-blasts, social media, or even your contact form “thank-you” page.

Hope this helps!