An always continuing list of the many reasons you saved my life

  • The way you have always been the kindest and gentlest person I know
  • I can always call you to talk, no matter what time of day or night it is
  • You remind me what it means to truly love something with your whole heart
  • You have no clue about social media (besides your love of seeing the grandkids on Facebook) or technology so spending time with you is real time spent
  • You exchange books to read with me and always give me your honest opinion on the books I recommend
  • You’re the strongest and toughest woman I know, but still somehow embody grace and peace at all times
  • You go out of your way to always do things for other people, even if it’s completely inconvenient for you
  • You comfort me anytime I’m worried or stressed
  • You never judge me, or anyone, for anything.. ever
  • Your expressions, “Oh my stars” “Oh my lands” and “For heavens sake”
  • That time I broke your favorite salt shaker and you laughed as we cleaned it up, then when you missed the trash can pouring what we cleaned off the floor into it you laughed even harder instead of getting mad
  • You never actually get mad at anything
  • You bake gluten free and dairy free desserts with me nearly every weekend
  • You’ve shown me real faith and how lovely it is to surround yourself with faithful, honest, loving people
  • You’ve always known the good guys I’ve dated from the bad, and told me so
  • You show me, everyday, how to be happy with the moment you’re in and the life you lead even if it’s still a work in progress
  • You love thrift shopping with me more than anyone else I know
  • You raised me, as a mother figure, a grandmother, and a best friend
  • Those times when you used to make me breakfast every morning before taking me to the bus stop
  • That time in church someone asked if I was your granddaughter and you answered “yes” with a laugh and followed it with “she’s my life” as you pat my hand
  • You never complain, about anything
  • You gave me the best father I could’ve asked for
  • When you tell me you’re proud of me and who I’ve grown to be

Forever to be continued

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