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Hi Teryn — Great article, thank you for this. What I would add to the last part of your writing is inclusion. I became more centrist during this past election because I was following the lead of women of color and trying to support the candidate that I saw the majority of them believing in. I was also pretty damn excited about a woman president (I am a WW).

The leadership of the “Left” is white and male. Until that leadership shifts and fully embraces gender and racial equality as primary parts of its platform and leadership, it will not succeed. Women are galvanized right now. The leaders of the left need to center and raise up the voices of the new women’s movement and black lives matter.

If the “Left” tells women and POC to “hold on and be quiet” while we get things done, it will fail. We need to broaden our imagination, and become a true rainbow coalition. I will never go back to a Left that mocked me for being excited about the first female president. I need to see that the Bernie movement has learned something about what happened in 2016 before I trust it with my future.

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