10 Signs Your Team Is Ready For a Product Manager

As the founder, you’ve been doing fine directing your designers and engineers on your own so far. You’ve all been collaborating really well, and you like being able to give feedback every step of the way. Maybe that will continue to work well for a while.

But maybe it’s occurred to you that you won’t be able to be so involved as you grow. Maybe you’re raising money, and need to answer to your investors on how you’re going to scale as promised. Maybe you just worked a 14-hour day and aren’t sure how to stop doing that. Maybe you recently had a nightmare where you were bottlenecking your development team while you were at an important sales meeting. Let me help you avoid that nightmare — product and project management can help.

Here are some more signs that your team would benefit from an experienced PM:

  1. You have a feeling you’re doing too much, but aren’t sure how to implement an Agile development process that lets you step away.
  2. The people at your organization currently directing design and development need to start spending more time on other things (sales, marketing, fund raising, technical leadership).
  3. You’ve launched a V1, collected some insights and could use some help figuring out what V2 should be.
  4. You have a product roadmap, but you don’t know if it’s right.
  5. You know you should be talking to your customers, but haven’t had time.
  6. You have a backlog of features tracked in Excel, a Google Doc, email or Slack.
  7. You need to start releasing roadmap items more quickly, and aren’t sure if that requires more team members or if process improvements would suffice.
  8. Your software engineers or designers ask what they should be working on, or have a lot of blocking questions during implementation.
  9. Your team is spending too much time putting out fires.
  10. When you ask when a new feature is going to be released, nobody knows the answer.

Additionally, if you have a Product or Project Manager, here are some signs they could use a little extra help:

  1. Your PM has trouble communicating expectations or delivery dates.
  2. Your designers or developers still ask you questions about expected functionality.
  3. The development process isn’t clear and fully documented.
  4. You have a quality control issue and need help identifying the process failure point(s).

If any of these sound like something you’re facing, I can help! My targeted, goal-focused engagements can address any of these issues to get your team on track. If you need more oversight, I offer a part time Director of Product service to help lead your team while aiding in your product and staffing strategy — this offers stability, direction and leadership that keeps you in the loop without adding a full time executive that you don’t need quite yet.

About me: I’m a product manager/director with nine years of experience managing fast-paced, growing tech teams and getting them to release lean, focused software solutions on schedule. I help founders identify opportunities and set goals, and I help their teams implement solutions. I’m based in NYC and have worldwide remote team experience.

Let me help you and your team — connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Product management consultant, helping founders get ideas built. Lover of efficiency, dogs, bikes, plants, cooking, nachos and feminism.

Product management consultant, helping founders get ideas built. Lover of efficiency, dogs, bikes, plants, cooking, nachos and feminism.