Things the USA should steal from Japan
Erin C Cummins

In an effort to practice being more grateful, here are my favorite moments from the trip:

  1. Riding in the cab before dawn to the fish market in Tokyo when I realized how happy I’d made my sushi-loving husband by suggesting we go while we were wide awake in the middle of the night — he hadn’t wanted to pressure me to get up / stay up. Then, the chu-toro we had in the breakfast sushi omakase at Daiwa.
  2. In Kyoto, when I told Drew I’d filled up the water bottle from the bathroom tap at the top of Arashiyama (which had clearly been labeled “not for drinking”) right after he drank from it.
  3. The warm custard pie on a chilly, rainy Osaka night
  4. Seeing the size of our room at The Bridge Hotel (Osaka) after staying in APA rooms where we couldn’t keep our suit cases open
  5. Seeing the Osaka airport workers on the tarmac bow before we took off for Sapporo.
  6. Biking in Kyoto, specifically, the moment I realized that I was really glad we’d rented bikes and would be able to see so many of the city’s beautiful nooks in a day that way.
  7. The strawberry treat at Isetan (see original post)
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