my summer of croissants

baked croissants on two baking sheets
screenshot of a spreadsheet showing different planned activities across each day of the week
Yes, I actually made this at the start of my break.

Batch 1 : We knew this wasn’t going to be easy

dough rolled out with a flat block of butter on top of it
laminated dough folded up into 4 layers
rolled out dough sliced into 12 triangles
my first triangles
Seeing the butter leak was heartbreaking, but I persevered.
Golden brown but quite flat
Batch 1 crumb shot —lacking air

Batch 2: Close enough

Bigger triangles
An elongated triangle, ready to roll
Batch 2 rolled up, already looking bigger and better
four raw croissants on a baking sheet
Batch 2 awaiting their egg wash
eight golden brown croissants on two baking sheets
Batch 2 — success!
Batch 2 crumb shot — a little better!

Batch 3: Cinnamon morning buns, my first baking riff!

My beautiful, buttery, raw spiral slices
Nine freshly baked morning buns on a baking sheet
Fresh out of the oven–they really puffed up!
morning bun on a plate
Iced with a cinnamon-sugar glaze. These were really tasty.
messy kitchen counter showing flour, a knife, bench scraper, measuring tape and rolling pin



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Erin C Cummins

Erin C Cummins

Product management consultant, helping founders get ideas built. Lover of efficiency, dogs, bikes, plants, cooking, nachos and feminism.