Happiness for me.

I borrowed this from adii — but the words suit my heart so perfectly:

I’ve learnt that I’m happiest when in pursuit of things important to me. Not growth, accomplishment or recognition; just the feeling of being in pursuit.

I pursue self-awareness, self-development and my personal development with vigor.

I pursue real connection and intimacy in the relationships that matter most to me.

I pursue creation and building stuff. Alongside my pursuit of new challenges and learning, these are the pursuits that drive my entrepreneurial mindset.

I pursue improvement in my running and my ability to just be present.

These pursuits sometimes have a defined end-goal, but it has never been about that. (If it was, I’d be a failure as way too many of my pursuits have fallen short of their goals.)

So don’t compromise on or ever apologize for the the things that you pursue. Instead pursue them authentically and with great diligence.

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