Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

A thoughtful article Trent. I’m a former long time Democrat, turned Independent/Conservative (whatever that is)…during the 2nd Obama term. I remember when he did win that 2nd term & how sick I was to my stomach for awhile. I for one though recognized that the GOP nominee ( Romney) was a poor choice being very boring, low energy and lack luster. Many people just didn’t go out and vote. At first I was really put off by Donald Trump but not for the reasons you may think. In talking to my friends of different races and religions most agreed that we didn’t hear racism, hatred or fear mongering coming from Trump the way the liberal media portrayed it. The reasons we were not fans of his was because he was off putting in his unapologetic, gruff, blunt and sometimes childish demeanor. As time went on, well…The Donald sort of grew on us. He wasn’t polished, wasn’t always on point, at times crude, and very raw. What I’m trying to say is — he appeared very human and that made him seem accessible. I mean, nobody is perfect and he wore his imperfections on his sleeve. But, they weren’t things I couldn’t get past. Hillary was the polar opposite of these things, WIKILEAKS aside. She was cold, plastic, dishonest, and phony. Her words were empty and emotionless.

So, I was on the fence trying to decide if I wanted to vote for Trump or vote third party. Ultimately my decision was to vote against Hillary. I too, have my slight concerns about our new POTUS elect. However, no more so than I had when we elected an non vetted community organizer in 2008.