Lauren Modery

We are a family of 7, with 5 children (4 of those live with us 100% and 1 is here 65%). We chose to downsize to approximately 350 square feet. We get a lot of strange looks when we tell people we live in an RV. We love it!!! It takes less than 2 hours to “deep clean”. Financially it was the smartest thing we could of done. Let me show you the math house payment $850, now $130 (space to park it and paid cash for the RV) water was $120 now $25 plus $50 with laundry mat fees; Now it takes 2 hours to complete laundry instead of working on it here and there, electric was $400 now $100. Just with those changes it is worth it! Yes, there are days when the kids are loud, and you feel crowded, but we also have 70 plus acres to wonder around if needed. The only thing I can say that I don;t like is the couch sits perpendicular to the tv and there is no recliner. It may not be ideal for everyone.

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