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The hidden B&B on First Avenue

Inn on the Avenue is on 313 First Avenue.

Farmville is known to be the heart of Virginia: a quaint town about an hour south of the state’s capital. While the size of Farmville is only approximately seven miles in area, there’s plenty to see. The two-college town is home to High Bridge Trail State Park, a plenty of restaurants and shops and is rich in history, making it a hot destination spot.

When people come to visit, there’s a limited amount of places to stay overnight. There’s one major hotel on the edge of town as well as a couple scattered motels. However, on First Avenue resides a small bed and breakfast called Inn on the Avenues.

Mother and daughter, Ann and Janie Irons, took advantage of the shortage of hospitality in Farmville and established Inn on the Avenues eight years ago. The Irons are locals in Farmville, which made creating their business much smoother.

Ann Irons was a schoolteacher and a very active community member, making her a well-known face in town. Janie Irons credits her mother’s relationship with the city for the limited amount of difficulty when working out the logistics (zoning, town ordinances, etc.).

Ann is also the general manager for Inn on the Avenues leaving her to conduct most of the business during the week while Janie works as a psychologist in Charlottesville.

“We thought it would be nice as mom was getting older to have some kind of business here,” says Janie. They try to keep their number of occupants lower during the week to not overwhelm Ann as she does most of the upkeep for the house.

“My least favorite part (of running Inn on the Avenues) is folding fitted sheets,” jokes Ann.

Ann is also in charge of their signature breakfast in the morning. They try to never make the same meal twice for a guest so they get creative. From homemade breakfast pizza to pumpkin spice donuts, they’ve made it all in their kitchen.

Janie and Ann are known for making special accommodations for their guests. Not only do they accommodate but even get creative with their challenging allergies such as making a lactose-free quiche.

“Vegan is our hardest,” says Janie, as they’ve had to remove their feather filled pillows and make a breakfast completely free of animal products. Luckily, extremely difficult accommodations aren’t very frequent.

“We didn’t want to be a destination B&B. We wanted to be a part of why people — when they come, where they stay,” says Janie.

Inn on the Avenues is not only a place for visitors to stay but has also hosted parties, weddings, bridal showers and more. However, they hope to slow down their business in the future to just weekends as more hotels are being constructed in Farmville while lessening the load on Ann during the week.

The homey atmosphere has welcomed a plethora of guests over their eight years of business. Many visitors come back to stay whenever they pass through town. Reviews rave about their hospitality, the old-fashioned rooms and it’s pristine upkeep.

“Absolutely the best accommodations in town. A true B&B, Janie and Ann warmly welcome guests, provide marvelous sleeping accommodations and an out-of-this-world breakfast bonanza. I’ve been a guest over 10 times in the last 3 years and have never been disappointed,” says Magda M on Trip Advisor.

“I do think people like to come and stay and they like a slice of Farmville. They like to maybe imagine how quaint small towns are and so we definitely have all the quaintness we can pass along,” says Janie.

For more information, Inn on the Avenues has a website and a Facebook page.

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