For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

you truly handled this topic in such a wonderful way i would love to see you do an article on the homophobia and trans phobia that also plagues the gaming world. “why?” you ask. because i attempted to join a “gaming clan” online and when the people in it found out i was transgender the vote was split 50/50 and i was not only not allowed in the clan but i watched the entire clan fall apart because the people who voted yes said they couldn't be in a clan with transphobic people. i was left being made to feel as though it was my fault the clan split. and all i did was apply to the clan. so it’s a rampant problem as well. not to mention the fact that i see homophobic and transphobic comments every time im on a game server. this is why i flat out refuse to ever get on teamspeak again. and it’s sad because it really does cost the gaming industry a LOT of potential customers. and it causes a lot of emotional issues for people who already have to deal with discrimination on a daily basis. games are where we go to be ourselves without judgment and try to relax and have fun. it’s hard to do when every time you log in your are forced to see homophobic comments and or homophobic slurs every three minutes.

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