Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I didn’t estimate, but I did pretty well mostly because I was hungover for most of Saturday. Friday after class I had a portfolio review with a lovely person an instructor set me up with. It was really helpful and made me feel a bit better about things. She lives by the cheap grocery store so I stopped there and got potatoes, caesar salad in a bag kits (if this is how I manage to eat vegetables these days, so be it), and assorted gummies, $17. My birthday was earlier last week and so I met up with some friends, most of whom bought me a drink (cue Saturday hangover). I think I only spent $6. Breakfast at the corner diner with friend that stayed on my couch, $8. Then I wasted the day away sleeping off the hangover because I’m too old for this shit. Laundry, $12. The laundromat upped their washes to $2! then McD’s for a mcflurry, $3. Sunday my parents came to treat me to birthday lunch and took me grocery shopping, which was sweet. Maybe not the best idea to have my super inquisitive mom visit the weekend before my last big push to finish my portfolio, but we all made it through in one piece!

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