Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I don’t really have any plans, except for maybe a date? I haven’t been on a first date basically ever, because I met my last two exes in college a million years ago, so this should be interesting! It’s a bumble date, so we’ve been chatting and texting all week. $20? No idea what we’re doing. He seems pretty nice but I’m still anxious.

It’s supposed to be 90 for the next four days, so otherwise I’ll probably camp out in my bedroom where the AC is and work on cleaning and purging, since it’s still suffering from two years of neglect due to school. And applying for more jobs, but there’s not much in my city :( I’m going to go to costco to buy coffee and fresh fruit because tis the season where everything feels too heavy to eat ($30). I might just go to Wonder Woman alone tomorrow for a matinee because I just feel like alone time with the last month being so hectic. I have a $10 gift card, so $5 more for popcorn? $15 more for groceries.

Hopefully under $60.

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