Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

I haven’t been participating because the Medium format bothers me, but I am so broke right now so I should.

I just went to the sewing shop, where a few days I had bought some fabric for a top with some christmas money. The instructions weren’t clear and I forgot you had to flip the fabric over to cut out one of the sleeves. It’s a long sleeve top so I had to buy a WHOLE yard of the $&%#ing fabric so it would go on the grain line, $15. Plus boyfriend tagged along because there is a chinese bakery next door, so that cost me $2.50 as well.

I work tonight, and a double tomorrow. Hoping it’s busy-ish because though last weekend was good with people still getting together to celebrate the holidays last weekend (oysters! bottles of champagne!), the last two nights have been DEAD. We’re having lunch at BFs uncle’s for grandma’s birthday Sunday, and they said not to bring anything. And they mean it because they always have everything and they’re pretty casual. I made it a goal to basically only cook from Budget Bytes for the semester and am cracking down on grocery lists/spending. Boyfriend is a problem because he is back to training for his triathlons and tends to gravitate towards NYTimes recipes, and just bought $17 worth of nuts to make some persian rice. agh! /endrant. We do need to go to Costco for TP and a big bag of frozen berries.

Hopefully no more than $25 more than I already spent.

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