Should We All Switch To Credit Unions?
Ester Bloom

I used to bank with Chase for some reason. I never had the $500 minimum needed (which should be criminal) to set up a savings account so I never did. I finally was so fed up with getting nickel and dimed on fees that I went to the UW Credit Union. I kept the Chase account for a month or two while I switched all my autopays over. I found after a month that they charged me $7 for not using my debit card three times! I stormed in there, threw a fit and demanded my money back and to close my account.

Chase guy: We’ll give you your money back.

Me: Good!

Chase guy: …if you keep your account.


Seriously. What a bunch of criminals. I wouldn’t have saved a nickel if I hadn’t switched from them. The credit union bends over backwards to help you out, you never feel like you’re drowning in phone tree bullshit when you need something, and they don’t levy fees for anything. I managed to build up a decent savings account which saved my ass when I lost my job. The car rates are crazy low too. Seriously, I don’t know why anyone who has just a basic financial system wouldn’t use a credit union.

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