I will vote for Republicans most of the time.
Memphis Blues

I’ll take your bait. It’s very difficult to anymore to distinguish between the policy and the voter. Republicans have been campaigning on demolishing the ACA, tax cuts for the wealthy and shifting the burden to everyone else, defending gun rights no matter how many people die every day, banning whole religions from the country, advocating violence against their opponents, on and on and on. 
If you voted for a single Republican this last cycle that did not speak out against Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards women, POC, the disabled, anyone who isn’t a white man who agrees with him, you are part of the problem. You might not agree with every single thing that came out of his or his minions mouths, but you condone it. You condone kids losing healthcare after cancer treatments because of lifetime caps. You condone muslims getting beat and shot. You condone sexual violence. If you don’t stand up and loudly say that you are a or vote Republican but deplore the statements and actions of this current party leadership, you are a part of the problem and your little glib comments you’re always posting in the abstract of “the government shouldn’t be in the business of _____” or “republican policies are better!” are useless in the face of real people facing real bullshit.