Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

My graduation is tonight! My parents will be here in time for lunch, and they’ll treat for that and dinner because I’m broke and that’s how they roll. I’m thinking tomorrow morning we’ll go shopping for plants for my garden, and I bet they’ll try to pay for that too, otherwise $25. I have a friend’s birthday tomorrow at a bowling alley for a little bit in the late afternoon, should probably pick up a little gift, $10? Then I have tickets to the Book of Mormon with friends, already paid for. One of them is having us over for pasta, so I’ll probably take a salad or something, $10? She likes to be the hostess with the mostess and always has a huge supply of wine, brownies, everything to have people over at moments notice so she might not want us to bring anything. Maybe a drink at the show, $7 with tip. Sunday is for getting the garden plot ready and drinking beer outside. If I don’t have appropriate beer, $8. For realsies, need to keep it under $50.