Pairing can happen when a teammate is starting a new feature, stuck on an issue or even if they need a buddy to “rubber duck.” It’s important to not get frustrated, be honest, ask questions, and remember you both have the same goal: to resolve the issue. Both sides of the screen can learn, increase code knowledge and articulate engineering concepts out loud. It’s way easier than it seems.

It’s important to be a good pair partner. You don’t want to be a seagull (more on that later.) Here are some practices I’ve found that work for me when getting…

Lately, I’ve been trying to level up my JavaScript and React/React Native skills so I’ve been making silly side projects. The past week or so I have been working on a random cat gif app using the Giphy API in an Expo project.

Then I was told that not everyone likes cats (how dare they) and that I should create other categories. So I did with the React Native picker component.


Lately I have met some amazing people and companies while interviewing for my next engineering job. I’ve had incredible technical conversations, learned about great teams and had deep diversity conversations with smart enthusiastic people. I’ve had companies tailor interviews that worked best for me (ex: let me show them one of my projects as the “take home challenge”). I hope my paths cross again with those individuals who were genuinely good people working at good (and really cool) companies.

I have learned so much about catching red flags and have been on interviews where I cannot believe the responses and…

Different states of our CoreScreenHeader in Storybook.js with React Native

Why we picked Storybook.js

Last May, Major League Soccer launched a greenfield React Native app for soccer fans around the world. We hired a team, built the product, and launched the app into the App store and Google Play store in only 8 months time. The technologies we used along the way (React Native, GraphQL, Apollo) were a vital reason we were able to move so quickly while producing quality code and designs. This is where Storybook came into play. We knew we were going to be making a lot of components, and we needed a way to keep them organized in a toolkit…

Ehukai Pill Box Hike, North Shore, Oahu

It has come to my attention that a lot of developers are heading to Oahu for JSConf Hawai’i in a few weeks and I am very jealous of you lucky, lucky folks. I saw this tweet and knew it needed more ideas. So have no fear! I am here with recommendations. I was lucky enough to have lived in Hawai’i on the North Shore of Oahu for 3 years while I was getting my Masters in Communication (and also worked as a Baker!), which had led me to collect a list of amazing food, activities, and the best beaches.


I currently have @ken_wheeler’s latest album, Love Songs for Your Mother streaming through my noise cancelling headphones (An album I tried to hate for awhile but…. 😎). Not only is Ken Wheeler a music making machine (with no filter) and #1 fan of America, he is an incredible Javascript Engineer and influencer in the React community. A year ago I would have never believed I got to share a $12 pitcher of beer with him at React Rally or watch him wear a full fancy suit for his talk on Reason ML.

React Rally is an annual two day, single…

Get it? It was a roller coaster year!

This past year has been a real rollercoaster! From crying in the bathroom stalls in my first week of my coding bootcamp to giving talks at Meetups, it has been filled with many struggles, but HUGE achievements that I never knew I was capable of. I was recently stalking myself on Twitter (normal right?) and noticed how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come since being hired as a Junior Engineer. Let’s break it down month by month.


As my loan was running low from my coding bootcamp, I needed an job STAT. So I got a job! ….as…

💡 I get it!I understand GraphQL and most of the magical powers it is capable of. It took a lot of research, tutorials, youtube videos and questions to wrap my head around how it works.

The concept never really clicked for me until a random team lunch in the cafeteria. Another engineer and I were trying to really understand GraphQL and once the ketchup packets were placed to resemble the difference databases and the silverware worked as a hapi server replacement, the light bulbs practically broke above my head because it finally made sense.

Here’s a sketch I made after…

It’s time for a quick refresher on a few array methods to speed up your coding!

Array Method: A method that performs an operation on an array 😂

Why Use an Array Method? Less logic. It’s not only fast, it allows us to write simple code with less bugs in less time. Below are definitions and examples in ES6. It’s *way* more simple than the old school ‘for loops’ (big surprise).

Lets get started. This is the array we will be using for .map, .filter and .find.

.map 🗺

This method iterates over an array and returns a transformed version…

Before I started my job at Major League Soccer, I only had one week of React training. Great news when I was about to join a team of React engineers to rebuild their mobile app in React Native, right?

Over 6 months have gone by now and I have learned SO MUCH, it’s crazy. From pair programming on custom gestures, getting mind twisted with flex-box, to working on GraphQL queries, it’s been loads of information. …

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