Setting an example

So I’m a 17 year old girl that is a big fish in a little pond. Why, might you ask? Well my dad is the youth pastor, I’m homeschooled, and I work in a boutique. I’ve never really had any life outside of church and my house. When I got a job, I was just in culture shock! I’ve never really been the “nobody” that just kind of stands in the background. I am very shy, but I can also be outgoing. I’m the type that probably won’t talk to you first, but will go on stage and make a couple jokes. I’ve been under the microscope my whole teenage life. Let me just tell you, that’s tough. Being an example to younger girls is really hard when you constantly mess up. I have a 12 year old sister. I know for a fact she looks up to me, but why? Why would anyone want to look up to me? I’m not perfect and I make mistakes just like everyone else, so why would anyone be interested in looking up to me. I just don’t understand. Until one day I noticed my brother was copying me. It isn’t just young girls. It’s everyone. How do you make kids stop looking up to you? You can’t. They won’t. You will always have someone watching every move you make. Whether it be your kids, your siblings, or even your coworkers. I encourage everyone to try to do the right thing. If it’s not for you, do it for the ones looking to you as their leader. Even though you always thought you were the “follower”, someone out there sees you as their leader and we need to start acting like it!
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